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FOCUS Teaching Excercise

FOCUS Teaching Excercise

Offering Peaceful Solutions for ADHD/ADD & Autistic Children Using Natural Horsemanship

The Method
Mother and daughter team Marianne St. Clair and Danielle Herb are two dynamic, pioneering and incredible human beings who use their own journey of discovery through the challenges of ADHD to help other families find alternative healing methods.

By partnering with horses, they have created an experiential learning environment that invites open communication, personal reflection, and progressive alternatives for ADD/ADHD and Autistic diagnosed children as well as for those who support them.

The Madness

The old model of parenting and training horses, still being used by many today, is to break their spirit into submission to get them to do what you want. They are repeatedly worn down until the end result is unhappy, unhealthy kids and horses. 

 The (Danielle Herb) Experience

Danielle Herb

Danielle Herb

Founded and run by 15-year-old Danielle Herb, Drop Your Reins is a collaborative experiential training school based in Live Oak, FL. The flagship program offered by Drop Your Reins is called ‘The Experience’, which is a dynamic and progressive program that breaks down the social segmentation that exists among humans, animals and science. The holistic and progressive program infuses direct interaction with horses, supplemental training videos, experiential coaching techniques and community collaboration to  help guide the powerful minds of ADD/ADHD and Autistic children to reach their greatest potential while maintaining their innocence and purity. 

The Same, Yet Different

Whether your art is in your pen, your keyboard or your heart the only way to nurture and foster your innate creative being is to embrace and explore it. Adults often get immersed in their ‘daily routine’ and they lose sight of this ’special creative place’ that they once thrived and roamed wild and free in as a child.  However, they often seek out this place as they continue to age and mature. Adults have choices, outlets and tools that they can use to rediscover this place and align themselves with others that celebrate their differences.

For children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and Autism their journey is much the same, however, it exists on the opposite end of the spectrum. They are constantly immersed in their ‘creative being’ so they are in search of a serene place to escape where they can find peacefulness and tranquility. Yet, the more they seek out this place, the more the world labels them and puts them under a spotlight.  Children have no choices, few outlets and lack the tools or self-sufficiency to empower themselves on this journey. While they have differences, few people identify with them and those differences are certainly not celebrated. 

 How DYR Supports Children:

Drop Your Reins is a Youth to Youth Program designed to give kids (ages 8-14) tools that will assist them in ways to overcome fears and challenges, develop healthy loving relationships, build trust, grow their inner confidence and self esteem and explore leadership. Custom programs are available for youth under age 8 and youth/young adults over the age of 14.

How DYR Supports Parents:

After Danielle was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at age 5 it was Marianne’s intuition that led her in the quest to assist her daughter to rid herself of the harmful mental, emotional and physical side affects associated with ADHD. Their holistic approach takes into consideration foods, additives, toxins, stressors, schooling, home life, and much more to work with parents to find healing solutions for each child and family that are touched by their program.

How DYR Supports Medical and Health Practioners:

New research suggests that animals have far more complex and cognitive social skils than we give them credit for. By collaborating with Drop Your Reins Medical and Equine Practioners alike can work closely to study these amazing creatures in a natural setting and document their relationships and interaction as it pertains to humans.

How DYR Supports the Equine Community: 
Danielle and an 'Attentive' Horse :)
Danielle and an ‘Attentive’ Horse :)

As Drop Your Reins prepares to launch its 2010 International Tour the Equine Community plays an integral role. From serving as host sites for Drop Your Reins clinics and demos to enrolling as Drop Your Reins Certified Partners, Drop Your Reins could not exist without their valued support and encouragement.  Supporting all the young people around the world who are impacted by The Drop Your Reins next generation program is greater than Danielle Herb and Marianne St. Clair. They are grateful and open to support from anyone who believes in their mission and compliments their vision.

How DYR Supports the Community at Large:

Regardless if you are an avid lover of horses or just curious about them, Drop Your Reins® co-founders, Danielle Herb and Marianne St. Clair are available as  consultants, speakers or master trainers for your equine related adventure.

Training, Partnerships and More:

Drop Your Reins partners with organizations in a variety of ways from speaking to developing custom training programs, leadership clinics and ’mini experiences’. Following is a list of the types of groups that we currently collaborate and work with:

  • School
  • Faith Based Group
  • Mom’s Group
  • WAHM Group
  • Business
  • 4 H Club
  • Rotary Club
  • FFA
  • Youth Group
  • CHADD Group


Contact us if you would like to set up a private-discreet program or to learn more about our customized learning/training programs.

p: 386-466-6466

e: dropyourreins[at]gmail [dot] com

Twitter @danielleherb

Twitter: @mariannestclair

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