Danielle’s Day 3 in Physical Rehabilitation RSD / CRPS

by Marianne St. Clair on September 15, 2010

Danielle had a great Day 3 at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital.

She walked without assistance around the room three rounds.   YEAH !!!!  Danielle

The occupational therapist worked on her shoulder and left arm with heat packs. She was wrapped in a coccoon. She loved it and it seemed to help her swelling and pain.

She also experienced in fludiotherapy. It was corn husks in a machine heated and then blown around by air to help desentsitize her arm.  The pressure was increased by turning up the air to move harder and faster against her skin. She asked for it to be decreased before the end but felt the therapy helped her.

She went down and enjoyed a game of tossing a ball with the other kids here during recreational therapy.

A little laughter is a very healing thing pus spending time with other kids.

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