These Are MY RSD/CRPS Symptoms

by Marianne St. Clair on November 21, 2010

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Danielle and I have been questioned, interogated, and challenged about the authentisity of Danielle’s symptoms. Many doctors have continued to try to place us in a very vunerable and victimized state as they seem very distrusting and disbelieving.

While the physical symptoms of Danielle’s RSD / CRPS are numerous as the video  shows, including:


Color changes to blue and red as the nevers are firing

Temperature changes to cold

Skin tone changes

Toe nails are changing

Time after time we see different doctors and they have this picture of what their perception of a RSD patient should be experiencing. First they could not find what was wrong with Danielle’s stomach and then they keep insinuating that her leg is not RSD.


Danielle would like to tell everyone.. She is not sure what other people are experiencing but she is experiencing these feelings in her body…. and it is not in her head .. although her brain is miss firing and causing the physical symptoms to be REAL.

Intense Burning

Uncontrolable muscle spasms

Muscle Tremors

Shooting shocks of electricity

Too sensative to touch

 It is difficult to deal with chronic and acute pain day in and day out.  It causes real emotional inbalances caused be the chemical changes in the brain. She experiences

Mood Swings



The quality of her life has changed as well as how it  affects the entire family.  We surround her with love in hopes that she will leap out of pain and have the vigor and spunk for life that she once had.

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