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Drop Your Reins Founder Danielle Herb is launching Danielle Herb TV in September 2009. She invites you to ask your questions about ADD, ADHD, Autism, Natural Horsemanship and Youth Entrepreneurship to her via video and she will reply via video.

Horses Roaming Free

Horses Roaming Free

Danielle Herb TV Submissions

In your video please include the following:

  • Your First Name or Nickname
  • Your Hometown, Home State or Country
  • Your Question

Feel free to mention your company name or connection to ADD, ADHD, Autism, Horsemanship, Entrepreneurship, say hello or send well-wishes to Danielle if you so choose.

After uploading your video to your favorite video sharing program be sure to type ‘Ask Danielle Herb’ in the title so that she can easily find it. Danielle will personally view the video and respond via video with the answer to your question. Your submission will also be featured in her weekly online newsletter which reaches readers all over the world.

After uploading your video please send the link via email to dropyourreins[at] gmail [dot] com. Danielle is accepting submissions now on an ongoing basis. Youth ages 13 and under should seek parental guidance prior to submitting a video.

Disclaimer: The video responses are for informational purpose only and do not replace professional counsel. Danielle Herb and Drop Your Reins does not accept liability as results may vary given individual circumstances. Please use due diligence.  Based on the number of  submissions we cannot promise a video response (or an immediate response) to every question we receive, although we will try to accomodate every inquiry.

Thank you for your time and support of the Danielle Herb Drop Your Reins Natural Horsemanship Program.

Ask Danielle

Just in case you don’t have a way to record and send a video, you can use this form.

P.S. We love to hear from our friends, fans and clients. Please use the form below to ask Danielle a question or just to say hello!

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