Danielle Herb

Horses are amazing because they are sentient animals that mirror our personalities as well as our fears. -Danielle Herb

Danielle_photoDanielle Herb, 16, “The Horse Listener’ is an author, pioneer, inspirational speaker and the Founder of Drop Your Reins, a holistic experiential training company that provides alternative healing techniques to ADD/ADHD and Autistic diagnosed children through natural horsemanship and equine assisted activities. At the age of 5 Danielle was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and overcame her diagnosis and label through natural healing techniques such as a modified diet and the advocacy and support of her mother, Marianne St. Clair.

Since 2007 Danielle Herb, named the ‘ADHD Conqueror’ by Search Amelia TV has been an inspirational natural horsemanship teacher at the School Without Walls, an alternative school based in her hometown of Live Oak, FL. She has taught children as young as 3 years old and adults more than 5 times her age how to overcome their fears and self-limiting beliefs through her self-developed equine training program. “The old model of parenting and training horses, still being used by many today, is to break their spirit into submission to get them to do what you want. They are repeatedly worn down until the end result is unhappy, unhealthy kids and horses,” says Danielle. Through her speaking, ‘The Experience’ Clinics, supplemental videos and coaching practice she is able to help guide the powerful minds of ADD/ADHD and Autistic children to reach their greatest potential while maintaining their innocence and purity. Her program and work has been recognized and praised in the U.S. and by respected educators and practitioners abroad in places such as UK, South Africa, France, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Danielle is the author of the forthcoming book, Drop Your Reins: Peaceful Transformation Techniques for ADD/ADHD and Austisic Children Through Natural Horsemanship.

Danielle Herb is available for interviews (TV/Print/Radio/Web), speaking, book signings and to host clinics in the U.S. and abroad. For booking requests, partnerships, sponsorships and general information please contact Shonika Proctor, p: 202.580.8336, teenbizcoach [at] gmail [dot] com 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

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