Sponsorships, Donations & Ways to Get Involved

With Danielle Herb and

‘The Drop Your Reins Experience’


Whether you choose to sponsor a participant, adopt a horse, donate needed equipment, sponsor money or in kind, be assured that your contribution will touch many lives. Any amount, large or small, is a gift of freedom.

Sponsorship Donations:

For a child or adult challenged with disabilities such as ADD/ ADHD, horses provide much more than horseback riding. It’s a gentle way to discover and uncover an inner sense of freedom, strength and balance. Working with the horses, most importantly provides all those involved with a unique sense of friendship and deeper bonding ability in their relationships.

Sponsor an Event:

Drop Your Reins will gladly work with you to sponsor a branded fundraising event. Please contact Shonika Proctor, teenbizcoach [at] gmail [dot] com or at 202.580.8336 for information regarding this and all other personalized partnership opportunities.

Adopt a Horse:

You can adopt a horse for $480 per month or prepaid in advance at $4,800. This fee covers the cost of maintaining one of Drop Your Rein’s horses which are an essential part of our programs. Your donation to this fund would contribute to the care, feed, shelter, ferrier, medical expenses, hoof care and supplies needed to maintain the health and well-being for our team of specially selected horses. Sponsors are recognized for their contribution, in a variety of marketing materials if so desired, with their name on a plaque by the horses stall, in our program, on our website and in our newsletter.

A Personalized Program:

In order for many children and adults to participate and benefit from the Drop Your Reins programs and work, there are many opportunities for individual or business to participate including cash contributions, volunteering, in kind services, and in kind donations. If you would like to purchase something on our Wish List

Wish List:

  • 4 way – Lapel Microphone for outside recording
  • (2) Apple Mac Pro Laptop
  • Apple Software
  • External Hard Drive
  • PC  Laptop
  • Sound and PA System
  • Motorcoach tour bus
  • 4 horse bumper pull trailer
  • Pro Bono Attorney  for legal documents and contracts
  • Pro Bono CPA
  • HD Video Camera Equipment with boom for recording
  • Essential Oils
  • Wardrobe for DYR Crew


Drop Your Reins is involved in numerous funding & promotional activities which further the cause of our mission. These activities are supported by members, volunteers, directors, the community, and most importantly generous contributors such as yourself. Unless otherwise specified, these activities are designed to add to the operating fund of Drop Your Reins and are for the general use of Drop Your Reins activities without regard to specific restrictions. For administration purposes, please copy and paste this paragraph and initial your acknowledgment of the above___________________ (initial)

If you wish to make your contribution by mail:
Please make checks payable to Drop Your Reins
Mail to:
P.O. Box 1124
Live Oak, Fl 32064

Thank you again for your consideration and support of our program.

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