Want to feature Danielle Herb in your upcoming story (print, web, TV or radio)? Do you need some help thinking of  a story idea related to ADD, ADHD, Autism, Natural Horsemanship or Youth Entrepreneurship? Or do you need a quote from her?  

Danielle Herb is available as a news source, panelist or interview candidate. She is very comfortable on TV and radio in an interview setting as can be evidenced by her media clips.

Please reach out to Shonika Proctor, p: 202.580.8336, teenbizcoach[at]gmail[dot]com and she will assist you with logistics and obtaining media approved photos.

Thank you so much for your consideration of Danielle Herb and The Drop Your Reins Program.

Danielle Herb TV Clips

WCTV (Florida), Danielle Herb on the Horse Helmet Law (June 2009)

WCTV Florida (Video) Danielle Herb On Drop Your Reins (March 2009)

Danielle Herb PRINT Features

Fernandina Beach, FL Drop Your Reins Helps Build Childrens Self-Esteem (July 2009, Front Page)

WCTV Florida (Print Story) Danielle Herb on Drop Your Reins (March 2009)

Danielle Herb WEB/BLOG Features Danielle Herb Subject of 1 Hour TV Documentary (July 2009)

Operation Nice: Nice Person of the Week (March 2009)

Danielle Herb RADIO Clips

Teenaged World of Maddy  Hosted by Maddy Pumilia (March 2009)

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