Meet Marianne

Marianne-Bio-PictureWhen I was young my mom used to tell me to focus and just do one thing.

I have always had so many irons in the fire that it was hard to pick just one thing when I was good at so many. I was criticized for it and felt out of place around most people.

Later in life I realized I was a Jill. because I am a woman, of all trades.

  • I am creative.
  • I am a visionary and idea person.
  • I love to help people brainstorm and come up with new ways to do things.
  • I love photography and use my skills there to assist people in changing the way they are seeing things in their life.

A simple shift is sometimes all a person needs to completely alter their lives into new possibilities.

I am very persistent until I get things done and don’t give up. I have the personality of a leader. In many circles growing up that was frowned upon.

I am very powerful and many people who are not secure get intimidated being around me. I used to lower my energy to make them comfortable but now I have learned that as long as my intention is one of love and consideration of others I can be my true self, powerful and bold.

I love to play. Life is my playground.

I get to wake up everyday and design it any way I want. I dream about places I want to visit and adventures I have yet to experience and know that it is me who can create them. YAHOO! I have the freedom to be me.

When I play I experience a deep connection with life. I find that the more I play the more it pays me in my level of happiness. When I am happy I feel like doing flips upside down and somersaults. I experience more joy and peace when I am happy.

I love to have playmates to learn more about myself. I love to push the limits of my fears and try new things. I get bored easily and have to have the stimulation of new people and places to have my life pay high dividends.

So why don’t you come play with me and we will reach for the stars together?!

Having children has been such a blessing to me. I have grown so much as a person after giving birth to my daughters. I had Danielle at age thirty and Leila at age fourty. I continually learn how to be in a relationship by my two greatest teachers. Everyday, my teachers give me new lessons to learn.

Combining my skills as a Life Coach, parenting and natural horsemanship has really opened my eyes to the NEW MODEL of PARENTING, I advocate today.

I call it Natural Peopleship. One were we honor and listen to one another. The new relationship  is mutual respect and true partnerships for all parties including the children as much as the adults.

Drop Your Reins is our laboratory and Life School where we learn together along with horses how to live our lives with mutual reverence for all life young as well as elder and four legged as well as two legged.

I feel it is necessary to step back and see that children are our greatest teachers. They act as mirrors for us and teach us many things needed for the future. I am here to share what I have learned to assist you in creating an amazing life for you and your children.


Marianne St. Clair

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