Parental “Experience”

A Happy Healthy Child Begins With YOU!

Marianne St. Clair (Life Coach and mother of Danielle Herb)

Shares her wisdom and “Experiences” that led to

a vibrant, confident, successful young teenager and their

mother/daughter close relationship.

Thier jouney through severe medical trials, schooling that was

not working, relationship problems with other children, father, step-

father and new siblings.

The new model of parenting she follows based in collaboration

and honor vs control and fear.

The information is every mother’s blueprint to success

with your child/ren.

Marianne St. Clair shares her wisdom and Experiences
that led to Danielle’s success and the steps she took as a
woman and parent.
Powerful Strategies and New Information shared bi- weekly.
Bi – Weekly Teleclass Calls
Monthly Membership Fee

Power Strategies and New Information

Shared on Bi-Weekly Telephone Calls.

Monthly Membership Fee


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