During our incredible journey there have been countless people helping to make our dream a reality by imparting their knowledge, time and generosity individually and collectively. The long list of those who have come into our lives and  influenced our world and our work  far exceeds the space and time in which we have to write. You know who you are and we are forever grateful for your selflessness. As we continue to seek answers and solutions and work to advance our cause, we hope to continue working with each and everyone of you in the near future. Below you will find a partial list of key partners who have contributed a generous amount of their time and expertise to the Drop Your Reins development and outreach efforts. If you find that they align with your mission we fully encourage you to reach out and connect with them as you launch your dreams and shoot to the moon.

Alternatively, if you are interested in creating a strategic partnership, Drop Your Reins is grateful for your consideration of our program as we rely on our strategic and beneficiary partners immensely in both the U.S. and abroad to support our International Program. Partners help with everything from financial sponsorships to hosting Drop Your Reins clinics and outreach efforts.  To explore partnership and sponsorship programs or become a sponsor for the 2010 Drop Your Reins International Tour please contact, Shonika Proctor, p: 202.580.8336 ; teenbizcoach [at]gmail [dot]com

Strategic Partners:

  • SearchAmelia.TV: Big Thanks and tremendous gratitude for SearchAmelia.Com and SearchAmelia.TV of Amelia Island, FL who launched the Drop Your Reins Story on a larger scale. After attending one of Danielle’s clinics and recognizing the benefit of bringing awareness to a larger audience they generously filmed, edited, produced and sponsored the ‘Drop The Reins The Experience’ 1 Hour TV Documentary. The documentary exclusively focuses on Danielle Herb and her work.
  • Greg Balanko-Dickson: Greg is the Small Business Sherpa. He is accompanying entrepreneurs on their Magnificent Journey Experiencing the Courage to Dream, The Freedom To Change, The Power To Transform Yourself, Family & Their Community. Greg is providing business coaching to Marianne and Danielle.
  • Shonika Proctor: is the brilliant mind behind Renegade CEO’s and the creator of the TeenEntrepreneurBlog and the co-creator of the Teen C.E.O. Blueprint (Private Study Course). Shonika is a Tour de Force of teen entrepreneurship and her reach has spanned the U.S. and the globe as she has provided a platform for emerging teen CEO’s to ‘proudly and loudly’ share their unique message with the world. Shonika focuses on supporting Danielle with her global brand management and building strategic partnerships in the U.S. and abroad. She is also responsible for managing strategic and beneficiary partnerships for Drop Your Reins AND the 2010 Drop Your Reins International Tour.
  • Debbie Manser: Debbie has been instrumental in bringing Drop Your Reins to Amelia Island and Cheers Horse Ranch. Her facility which is located on 24 beautiful acres in Yulee, FL is the pilot location for the Drop Your Reins National Launch. In her respective equine adventure business she closely shares in the Drop Your Reins vision and also serves as Danielle and Marianne’s gracious hostess on Amelia Island.
  • Valerie Lawson:  Valerie’s shares her inner beauty and incredible view of the world as she captures breathtakingly beautiful  images through her camera’s lens. Valerie is responcible for all the images displayed on the website’s header as she captured the children in a most peaceful way.  She is Danielle Herb’s official photographer and you can view more of her fine art and equine photography here
  • Christine Hiebel: Christine is ‘The Passion Parent’ and the proud mom of 4 year old McKenna. Christine strongly believes in the mission of the Drop Your Reins Program and has been a pillar and dedicated advocate from the early days of Drop Your Reins. She worked tirelessly with Marianne in helping to secure a facility and developing the initial concepts and marketing videos for the Drop Your Reins Clinics on Amelia Island.
  • Brian Hansen: Brian created the custom Twitter backgrounds that are used on Twitterholics @danielleherb and @mariannestclair Twitter pages. You can learn more about Brian and see his wonderful portfolio here:
  • Carol M. Herb: ‘Aunt Carol’ has been working way way way in the background to make sure everything is said ’just right’. An editor by profession, Carol has been hard at work editing the forthcoming Drop Your Reins book. Having known Danielle since birth, she works carefully and meticulously to perfect Danielle’s story that ironically resonates with so many of us- to find ‘fulfillment’ in a slightly imperfect  life. Aside from her editing contribution she has given so much more from emotional to fnancial support at the most critical and transformational points in Danielle’s life. We are forever indebted to her and words cannot express our deepest gratitude for all that she has done and continues to do on our remarkable journey.
  • Kim Copeland Murray: Kim transformed the abstract world of Drop Your Reins into a real one by designing the promotional flyers, business cards, groovy t-shirts and providing assistance with the website development. She has been an integral part of ensuring that the Drop Your Reins offline presence is as strong as the online one.
  • Leila ‘Cupcake’ St. Clair: Leila is a 6 year old ’Entrepreneur Enthusiast’  and also Danielle’s sweet, adorable and fearless little sister.  Never one to miss out on the action, Leila travels to conferences and clinics and helps out wherever she sees fit. From selling t-shirts to unsuspecting buyers to filming Drop Your Reins promo videos when there are no extra hands, Leila picks up all the overlooked details, pulls them together and wraps them pretty with a big colorful bow and a lot of love. Thank goodness for little people :)

How have you shown your love for the Drop Your Reins Experience? Sorry if we missed you on the list above. If you feel comfortable, we want you to stand up and be recognized. Please feel free to share your name, contribution and good wishes in the comments section below.

With much gratitude for your time and continued support.

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